• 25May

    In order to be successful, a brand must be able to express itself clearly. Effective packaging makes it easy for a brand to do so at a single glance. However, a brand must also be able to also deliver its promise, which a packaging can deliver. Here are a few things that product packaging must be able to do so that people will come to know about the brand.

    Stand out

    The product packaging must be the signpost to the consumer regarding the category under which your product falls. Just standing in the shelf and trying to shout out to the others will not cut it. The packaging needs to communicate the essence of your brand. One way to achieve this is through cusps, which are sharp. For example, many people would have not missed Disney’s Maleficent because of the cusps on the product packaging or even the cusps on the movies of Angelina Jolie.

    Be simple

    In a market that is not only busy, but also visually agitated with many products and brands, people rarely experience something that is calm and gravitate towards it. Some product packaging can make you feel calm and gravitate toward them. The consumers should not feel tired of looking at the product. It should be simple and at the same time, appealing. The product packaging should not shout out to people for attention, but rather be attractive and soothing to the eyes.

    Trigger emotional engagement

    When a brand makes people feel something, they naturally tend to act upon it. When someone looks at your product, they must feel attracted towards it. For example, when you are at a product aisle, notice how many people make direct eye contact with a particular product. If they do make eye contact with a product packaging, then it must be very attractive.

    Create iconic assets

    The best packaging gives you lots of visual takeaways. It is a kind of toolkit that can be transferred to every form of communication. Some products are a master of such packaging and they have a signature style that has impressed everyone. The flow that some packaging has makes it appealing to people. At a time when many consumers look to see what is most appealing to them, that they are etched in their memories. The design on the packaging should be so good that the consumers should feel like taking the products away from the shelves.

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  • 20May

    Native advertising is the only form of advertising to truly work on mobile.

    Native advertising works to engage with its customers on an emotional level by allowing advertisers and brands to demonstrate their own personality within a relevant, friendly framework – be it a social media platform, blog or mobile app. Native is known for its ability to refrain from disrupting the user experience making it an extremely powerful tool for both advertisers and publishers.

    We have all noticed infinite scrolling and in-stream ads present on social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. In fact native on mobile devices has transformed ads and engagement levels. Native ads allow content to be amplified and repurposed and as a result videos are becoming bigger on mobile – with an increasing number of users uploading their videos to Facebook rather than directly to YouTube.

    Originally pioneered by Twitter in the form of sponsored ads and later Facebook, native advertising was designed to be viewed on desktops. This has now been further adapted to be used across mobile and tablet devices. Social media remains the largest platform for native ads, but even outside the social media environment – according to research conducted – 55% of users first engage with native from their mobile phone or tablet; as featured in The Drum.

    Recent research conducted by a European native advertising platform analysed 500 million native advertisements during 2014 and found that 22% of consumers were between 18 and 24 years old.

    Mobile opens up a whole new avenue to native advertising with its ability to encourage dialogue between the ad and the customer when the user is for example near the business or store being advertised; this is accomplished through geo-targeting technology.

    Through the use of mobile apps, such ads can blend in seamlessly without causing the level of disruption a banner ad does. By ensuring something is being advertised in an interesting, engaging but subtle way dramatically increases click through rates – this is just one reason an increasing number of brands are turning to mobile native ads.

    These subtle and extremely targeted ads through a mobile device are particularly exciting because they demonstrate the importance of mobile as an advertising platform. Native ads are set to be the future of mobile advertising channel due to users becoming largely immune to the use of pop up or banner adverts; native mobile is set to grow significantly in the next 12 months.

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  • 20May

    For a period of time spanning decades, disk drives and systems were connected via a parallel bus interface. This provided a wealth of advantages to users of these technologies, but also a significant number of limitations. For companies looking for interfacing solutions, ideal options were not readily available.

    However, with significant advances having been made in recent years, new interface technologies have become available and have changed the landscape of this domain. The two well-known examples of this are Serial Advanced Technology Attachment(SATA), and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS).

    Many a user can take advantage of this new range of solutions to match their exact requirements, whether they are in business or need to use the technology for other reasons. The benefits of Serial Attached SAS are particularly impressive, but for a fuller picture, it is useful to compare the technology with its predecessor.

    The earliest interface was Small Computer System Interface (SCSI). Development on this began in the late 1970s and the interface became fully available in the 1980s. It served as a hard-disk interface, and even after numerous revisions and improvements, it still commonly fulfils this function today.

    In addition to its role as a hard-disk interface, SCSI is often used to connect a range of other peripheral devices, including printers, scanners and CD drives. There are many advantages to this technology, which has many loyal users, but there are drawbacks too which may mean that it is not the ideal solution for everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • 20May

    Over the years I have learned a lot about achieving my own career goals. I have been extremely fortunate to work for and develop my own growth within some of the largest, most well-known and well reputed companies in the world (such as IBM) – as well as small startups and “mom and pop” shops. Throughout my tenure as a professional, I have been asked to coach and mentor many individuals as they progress throughout their career.

    Today I would like to introduce 5 strategies that I believe will effectively guide you in growing your own career to the next level. After all, wouldn’t it be helpful to know how to leverage your personal belief system in order to create strategies to whip your “career self” into shape so you can work towards achieving your targets?

    1) Create a daily list showing your successes/failures. Not only should you extol your successes, but you should closely analyze what you did to accomplish them. Were your daily successes accidents or the results of method and discipline? With the same scrutiny, you must also evaluate your failures so you can learn from them. Study what caused the failures, what you could have done differently to affect a different outcome, and put action plans into place to ensure you don’t repeat those same mistakes.

    2) Set real goals. Focusing on setting goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and have real due dates is imperative when it comes to career growth. These goals should stretch you but be so desirable that accomplishing these goals will and give you a feeling of extreme fulfillment. Remember that almost achieving your goals is a failure, so be sure to write your goals down in a way that indicates you will absolutely reach them, using phrases like “On or before December 31, 2016 I will… ” Then read those goals daily in order to stay focused. Establishing a well thought out and well executed goal strategy is critical if you want to grow within your career.

    3) Create a plan to reach your goals. I agree with Geoffrey James of inc.com in a statement he made in his article 8 Beliefs That Make You More Resilient “… if I don’t take action, I will fail by default… ” ¹. So build an action plan which will provide a step by step guideline for you to obtain your goals. And then, simply execute!

    4) Always, always focus on doing the right thing. Napoleon Hill stated: “I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure unless built upon truth and justice, therefore I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.” ²

    5) You can be afraid but do it anyway.

    · John Wayne said “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

    · Winston Churchill stated “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

    · Theodore Roosevelt declared “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

    · And we believe: “Success is just a result. Failure is just a result. Fail as fast as possible so you can learn what not to do.”

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  • 13May

    An excavator is a very important machine in your construction work. The machine comes with many parts that you might be aware of and others that you might not know of. To help you out here are some of the common parts:


    The scrapper drags the machine partially, scraping down the spots in high sites and depositing earth in the low areas. The scrappers are very important in large areas such as road construction.

    Wheel Loaders

    They are also known as large end loaders and they play a major role in helping the machine to turn sharply when you are loading the dump trucks. The loaders make use of a steering system that relies of strong drive axles. Due to the strong axles you are able to carry enormous loads without risking breaking the steering knuckle.


    It’s also known as the scoop and it’s usually made from very strong steel. The tough steel ensures that the bucket is able to break through the large rock and hard soil without any problems.

    Hydraulic System

    This is the system that gives the different parts of the excavator their strength. Major components of the hydraulic system are hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders act like arms of the human arm.

    When the cylinders contract they pull the bucket and boom just like the muscles move the arm and hand. As an operator you are the one who manipulates the movement of the cylinders depending on where you want to move the earth.


    This is the top half of the machine and has the ability of pivoting in a complete circle. The house is able to pivot a complete circle because it’s attached to the undercarriage by a center pin. Due to its ability to turn 360 degrees you are able to work on a wide area of the workspace while still sitting still.


    They are also known as undercarriages and are powered by hydraulics. The tracks are moved forward and backward by pedals that are mounted in the cab of the excavator. To turn on the machine you have to brake one track and then power the other. The tracks also aid in turning the excavator.


    These are the common excavator parts. It’s good to note that the parts undergo tear and wear; therefore, you should be ready to replace them over time. For ideal results you should ensure that you buy the parts from a reputable store.

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  • 13May

    Applying for that next big job with the fancy perks, the fresh new career prospect and the big pay cheque has become second nature to a lot of us these days, especially with Generation Y rising through the ranks. It’s not a particularly bad thing – in fact, it’s a healthy thing, as it demonstrates a shift in thinking from living-to-work, to working-to-live. Change is as good as a holiday, and with our employment consuming such a large part of lives each week, combined with the huge array of opportunities that exist, who can blame us? Everyone today is far more focused on job satisfaction and work-life balance, because we want to feel empowered, appreciated, and fulfilled.

    This trend is nothing new, but there is a different pattern emerging as businesses start to recognise how fast the commercial environment is evolving today.

    Perhaps only a few years ago, employment agencies and employers themselves would stipulate that sheer experience in a similar role was the only qualification that was absolutely essential. It was in every job ad (usually in bold), and seemed to be the only criterion that was of any importance. If you had five years experience, you were in; and this made sense: as an employer, you want someone that can do their job well and maximise output in each role pretty much from the word ‘go’. While this is still the case, and still important, there has been a noticeable shift in recruitment, with employers starting to focus strongly on other, even more valuable characteristics in their candidates (and if they’re not, they should be).

    Change has always been the only permanent constant, and, while this has been said over and over for years, it has never been truer than it is today. Industries and global economies are embracing technology at a rate never even seen or imagined before, business models are evolving, product offerings are more innovative, and the customer has become such a well-informed, complex being, that Marketing has had to reassess it’s techniques to what I have called the “Empathetic Marketing” approach.

    With all of these changes occurring on a daily basis, an organisation has to adapt or die. Therefore, they need to be full of employees up to this kind of challenge. This means that the ability to appreciate, embrace and adapt to change is becoming the most important virtue an employee can possess, especially with management. Gone are the days of conservative executives and the inertia of upper management; if an organisation isn’t looking at itself constantly and re-evaluating its competitive position, it’s going to have a turbulent future. An innovative workplace embraces this challenge, and a healthy (not to mention profitable) culture will emerge to take on the new world.

    So, when hiring, ensure that you’re delving deep for the switched-on, change-embracing, innovative candidate who will see your business through an ever-evolving landscape. Equally as important, as a person looking for your dream job, earn their respect by ensuring that your resume reflects your recognition of this kind of environment, emphasises your strengths and experiences in striving to adapt and experiment, your willingness to problem solve, and your commitment to embracing inevitable change.

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  • 13May

    There are a number of branches of engineering and some like civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and aerospace are highly popular. Regardless of the branch you may be interested in, becoming an engineer takes a lot of dedication and hard work. If you are interested in engineering as a career, you first need to research the different options at your disposal. Some diverse engineering specialties that you can work in are:

    • Aerospace Engineering

    Designing, production and testing of airborne vehicles and machines is the foundation of aerospace engineering. As an engineer in this specialty, you may have to design parts for satellites, missiles, rockets and airplanes and then test the air vehicles under several conditions.

    • Architectural Engineering

    The job of an architectural engineer is to assist architects in designing buildings. While the aesthetics and function of the building is the responsibility of the architect, the engineers are responsible for making the design efficient in its utility needs and physically sound. Green buildings that want to obtain LEED certification are heavily dependent on architectural engineers.

    • Bio-engineering

    The integration of medicine, biology and engineering for enhancing knowledge and improving human health is bioengineering. Healthcare devices and instruments that can be used for the treatment of diseases are designed by engineers. An excellent example of this engineering is prosthetics, which are customized for each patient.

    • Chemical Engineering

    The designing and creation of chemicals for serving customer and industrial purposes fall under chemical engineering. The properties of chemicals have to be studied by a chemical engineer to find out its uses. Different aspects of lives are touched by this form of engineering such as food, medicine, construction and industry.

    • Civil Engineering

    The design of large scale projects that meet the need of communities fall under the head of civil engineering. Some of these projects like bridges, dams, transit systems and roads need engineers to study the use and impact of public projects for providing the best design that is in accordance with the needs of the community.

    • Computer and Software Engineer

    Developing computer technology for meeting the needs of a user is the job of a computer and software engineer. Servers, computers and communication systems between users are designed by hardware engineer whereas software engineering involves the creation of programs and applications for coming up with new ways of using hardware in order to fulfill the practical needs of the users.

    • Environmental Engineers

    The combination of chemistry and biology for developing solutions to various environmental problems is defined as environmental engineering. Problems like water and air pollution are tackled by environmental engineers and they develop systems that can eradicate and prevent the sources of pollution. The environmental engineering field has grown rapidly because of environmental consciousness and the growth of green industries.

    • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

    Factories can be structured in a better way with the help of industrial and manufacturing engineers and they improve production. They design equipment and systems for building projects. It is their job to figure out how factories should be laid out and the machines that should be used for boosting efficiency.

    • Electrical Engineering

    As the name indicates, electrical engineers develop products that use electricity and other electrical systems. Electrical engineers work in developing a variety of high tech products. When you become an electrical engineer, you may have to work with engineers in other fields of design as well.

    • Material Engineering

    The development of new materials for meeting the needs of the industry and business is called material engineering. The materials can range from fabrics, plastics, ceramics and metal. Jobs of a material engineer can be found in high tech industries, manufacturing and construction. These engineers combine physics, material science and chemistry.

    • Mechanical Engineering

    Creating devices and machines is the job of mechanical engineers and it is the oldest and broadest field in the engineering industry. These engineers design manufactured goods by combining chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and other science field for creating machines that work for mankind.

    • Nuclear Engineering

    Working and developing devices and systems that use nuclear radiation and energy for performing tasks is the responsibility of nuclear engineers. These engineers are needed in a horde of industries such as space travel, military, healthcare, energy and advanced research.

    Before selecting one of the fields in engineering, you have to decide if you have what is needed for becoming an engineer. You have to have a college degree in engineering for becoming a professional. You should always apply to schools that have strong engineering programs in the area you are interested in. Bear in mind that the environment is highly competitive and seats are rather limited. You have to get good grades once you have enrolled in an engineering program. The first and second years are quite tough so outside employment is discouraged during this time because studies have to be the primary focus.

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  • 13May

    “I am currently in a position that pays very well and supports my family but I am miserable. I am always working with hours that leave zero left for a work life balance. The stress level is becoming unbearable and is affecting me as a mother of 3 small children as well as my marriage. My husband and I have agreed that it’s time for me to leave my current role but I don’t have any real desire to continue in this type of career. I feel I am burned out and need a break all together so I can find what my path is.”

    Many of the people I work with describe these same issues. Maybe you are one of them. Your health, marriage, and kids suffer from the damaging effects of continuing to do work that drains you of life. Money is never an excuse to stay miserable. You Only Live Once (YOLO) – why would you waste it doing something that sucks your soul out?

    The reason people stay in work they are miserable in are:

    1. They fear change and the unknown: The truth is, life is full of change and uncertainty. We can not control everything. The more we surrender our tight grip of control the more freedom and life we find.

    2. They are under the illusion of a secure and steady paycheck- which does not exist. I use the word illusion with intention. “Security” of a steady and reliable paycheck is not security at all. At any moment the business can merge and they may decide to let go of all the executive level management. While it’s true that the higher up your position, the more work it takes to replace you. However, the reality is they still can and will replace you if they determine it fits their business growth initiatives. Why not begin the process of finding your path now and do work that matters most to you? And no- you don’t take a pay cut to do work you love. That’s a myth as well.

    3. They are worn out as it is, the thought of developing new skills and making a change seems like too much work. People put time, money, and effort into things they value. Do you value your health, marriage, and relationship with your kids? Do you value yourself? Put the effort into making the changes not only for those you love most- but also for yourself. It models courage.

    4. They think they are doing their kids a favor by keeping them in their extra curricular activities and giving them all the “luxuries” they work so hard for: I’m going to be very transparent here. I had a parent who LOATHED their job. They were paid quite well. We (the kids) enjoyed family vacations and extra curricular activities. You know what I would have enjoyed far more than those activities? A parent fulfilled, content, and thriving in work they love. Why? Because then there would actually be peace and joy present in the home. Instead, when the parent returned home from the dreaded day job they had nothing left. They displaced their anger at the dog, the kids, or the spouse when the real issue was that THEY NEEDED TO MAKE A CHANGE.

    5. Keeping status – they fear criticism from peers and society. Over 70% of Americans dislike their work. I’d rather be the minority doing work I love- and getting paid just as well, if not better doing work that matters to me. In order to change for the better, you may outgrow the old. But this is not as difficult as it may sound.

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  • 12May

    Nowadays, job-seekers are making greater use of the online medium to search for the latest advertisements and notifications of job openings that are published by the public sector companies. The best part of online search is that these ads are regularly updated on the portal’s page.

    There are several avenues open for getting information about a government job. Other than online search, a good number of employment newspapers and magazines are also available that provide information about the latest government job openings.

    While searching for a job, you should check the necessary eligibility criteria for the selected position and whether these match with yours. When both these details match, you should apply for the vacancy without delay.

    There are varied kinds of government jobs available for the best fit candidates. Applicants must target government jobs with full dedication and undertake tough preparation to get success in the exams because many other applicants are also vying for the posts as well.

    There are three parts to the government such as the central government, the state government and government at the district level. All the three kinds of governmental jobs are offered according to the needs that arise at different times to shift the increasing work responsibilities from the seniors to the new aspirants for setting the level within the organization. The duty of any government is to uphold the national security and develop the lifestyle of its people so that they could work effectively and freely for the development of the country.

    Every year, recruitment programs are organized by government for hiring the fresher as well as experienced job seekers. First a written examination is taken for the issued vacancies of posts in the different government departments. Then candidates obtaining high grades in the merit lists are called for interview. The final list of candidates passing the interview is declared on the net and their joining dates are also disclosed in the notification. The applicants are required to verify their original documents at the time of joining.

    Before all these, the candidates are required to apply for a specific post in the government sector by filling the application form which can be downloaded from the official website of the particular organization for which the vacancy exists. Government jobs are available for a wide range of educational qualifications such as graduate degree, diploma holders, graduate engineers, etc.

    To succeed in the recruitment tests for the government jobs, one should be focused and make a schedule of preparation for these jobs. You will certainly see light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • 11May

    Just what is Aspirational branding? Let’s start by defining a prestigious brand. Does your brand promote a feeling of Aspiration? Better yet, does your brand have what it takes to kick start a movement?

    How are you creating prestige for your brand, and what are you doing to influence your buyers?

    Aspirational brands appeal to people who desire something better. They buy products with “prestige appeal.” From a business standpoint, businesses who sell products/services with prestige typically enjoy very high profit margins. When creating a Brand strategy, they will make ownership just out of reach for most people. Meaning, their buyers may need to aspire to engage.

    On the other hand, an Inspirational brand is a product that’s produced to satisfy the wants or needs of everyday needs and desires. Basically, it’s a commodity like toothpaste or bananas. How do you inspire consumers to purchase a commodity product?

    With an Inspiration brand, the logo on the label matters but does not align with the identity of the consumer. The product is commonplace. This applies to everyday things like orange juice, auto tires or coffee.

    The buyer believes quality varies across brands, but you have to shout to be heard above the noise in the marketplace through advertising and promotional tactics (i.e. direct mail, coupons or purchasing in-store display space).

    The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary

    The other day I received a direct mail piece that caught my attention. In fact, the skilled marketer who created this mailer “set the hook” so effectively that I have the brochure sitting next to my computer.

    Yes, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I actually saved a piece of direct mail.

    The tagline on the brochure says ” The Absolute Opposite of Ordinary.” Hmmm, I think.

    This brand is obviously trying to distance itself from the commodity brand.

    The product this company is selling has all the hallmarks of an aspirational brand. It is expensive. The brand is associated with quality. The products are rare and you don’t see many people using it. But when you do see this brand, the discerning eye takes notice. This is the perfect situation for an aspirational brand.

    So I open-up the flyer and the first thing I note is the thick paper and high gloss printing. The photography used in the flyer is stunning – crisp in detail. The copy is minimalistic, so I can read it instantly. Here are some of the phrases they used:

    “Discover the extraordinary details.”

    “Take control.”

    “We invite you to experience dynamic and distinctive driving, firsthand”

    Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet this flyer was for a new model of car. But by the time I flipped to the 5th page of the flyer I was shocked by what I discovered. In my minds-eye the brand of this vehicle, Maserati, is out of my reach. But the “call to action” message in this flyer made me think differently… in fact, the arresting discovery made me think that I could aspire to own one of these vehicles. You see, the company is promoting a new model of Maserati that is priced lower to compete with mainstream luxury vehicles.

    So all of a sudden, I’m their target market.

    Exhilarating Performance is Just a Click Away

    Your brand is at the core of what you do. What feelings or emotions does your business inspire in your customers? Think about how you present your brand, not just on your website but whenever you meet people, connect with them on social networks, or even in your direct mail flyers.

    How are you setting yourself apart, making people aspire to own your product? What is it you do that makes you stand out from the crowd? Think about your brand around your unique strengths and go forth to generate a new level for your customer to aspire.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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